May – a time of year when the garden is bursting into life and the foliage is emerging on deciduous trees and shrubs. Here are a few things you can be doing this month to get your trees, hedges and shrubs ready for Summer:

Clip those evergreen hedges

Taking care not to disturb nesting birds, you can give your hedges a bit of a clip to get rid of any stray branches and twigs and keep things neat. Consider combining your cuttings with logs and leaves to create a wildlife shelter!

Prune out the frost damage from evergreen shrubs

This month is a good time to be laying the groundwork for spring by planting hedging plants, trees, shrubs and even roses. Add some colour to the garden with showy foliage, trees and shrubs. There are many species that have variegated leaves such as many Acers, Dogwoods, Hollys etc. These colours can sometimes add some depth to your borders and separate normally dull beds.

Make sure trees and shrubs have enough water

Ensure newly planted and young trees and shrubs are well watered.

Inspect trees and shrubs for pests and diseases

Prevention is better than trying to cure infestations or diseases on your trees and shrubs. Look out for signs abnormal foliage colour, damage to branches and limbs.


If you’re not sure how to clip your hedges, you don’t have the time, or you’d like some further advice, give us a call – we’d be happy to help!