What to do in the garden in July

July – generally a great time of year to be out enjoying your garden. Keep an eye on the weather though, as if it gets too hot your trees and shrubs can get dehydrated!

Here are a few things you can be doing this month to look after your trees, hedges and shrubs:

1. Ensure newly planted trees don’t dry out

Newly planted trees often require much more water than you might think! Make sure they don’t dehydrate in the heat and make sure they’re watered often.

2. Look out for cypress aphids on your conifers

Brown patches on your conifers can indicate a cypress aphid infestation. Look out for back sooty mould along the stems and prune out any brown shoots. You can tie in the neighbouring branches to help patch over any gaps.

3. Prune cherry trees

The best time to do this is whilst the trees are still in their growing season but after harvesting.

4. Prepare your garden before your holiday!

If you’re heading away, make sure you’ve arranged or someone to look after your plants, shrubs and trees whilst your away, especially if there’s going to be a hot spell. Water everything well before you go and perhaps even move pots and containers into shadier spots. Finally, enjoy your hols!


If you’d like some further advice on looking after your plants, shrubs and trees in summer, give us a call – we’d be happy to help!

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