Stump Grinding

An all too common problem – you want to plant some new plants in the only space left in the flower bed but find you can’t because there’s a tree stump in the way! We provide stump removal services to give you that area back! So let us tell you a little bit about why and how the stump is removed.


Why remove a stump?

Tree stumps are not always a hinderance in the garden – they can be a level surface to place a pot on, they can also provide a suitable habitat for insects and fungi. Some people grow climbing plants against stumps to make for a great column of colour, certain species like Clematis, Honeysuckle and various ivy’s will climb the stump/stem with no problem, thus creating a small contained space for growing those showy climbing plants.

However, these stumps can sometimes be rather large and take up maybe just too much space, limiting the amount of bedding flowers you can plant. We get many calls also for the removal of a stump to make way for a fence to be erected – a stump in the path of a fence post can prove to be back breaking work trying to dig around the stump or dig the stump out!

There are occasions where the tree had to be removed due to death, meaning the tree potentially had a fungi/disease. It is then a good idea to remove the stump and it roots in their entirety to prevent spread to other woody plants. There may be many reasons why you may want your stump removed but don’t feel the need to justify your reasons to us – the above are just a few examples!

How the stump is removed

When we receive your call asking us to price up your stump removal, we come to see the job in question. It is now we evaluate which machine is required for the removal, usually the bigger the stump grinding machine, the better! But realistically we can’t always fit the big machines through the side access. This makes way for narrow access stump grinders, whether tracked, push behind or hydraulic wheeled, they all have their place in our workplace. The standard garden access gate is 36″ (although it seems none are ever that wide!).

So once we’ve gained access to the stump with the machine, we can start the grinding! The stump grinding machine is usually an engine powering a cutting wheel (via chains/belts). On this wheel is the teeth that do the grinding. Most stump grinders are run on petrol or diesel so there should be no need for external power. The grindings that remain is the combination of soil and wood, making for excellent planting soil. This is usually filled back in the void, which will initially be a mound but over the course of a couple of weeks will settle back down.

Things to be aware of!

Underground services (internet, telephone cables etc) can be found quite easily by accident whilst stump grinding. These services are sometimes surprisingly shallow and it is important to know the direction of such services to prevent damage and costs to rectify the damage. Services such as gas and water are more than often too deep to be a problem for stump grinding but it is good measure to know the placing of these also.

If you need advice or a quote for stump grinding, you can call us on 0116 2600419 to arrange a quotation, or use the contact form.