Helping you achieve the garden you want

We are always keen to replace what we remove – this way our future tree lovers can also benefit from our beautiful gardens and landscapes in Leicester and Leicestershire. We can advise, supply and plant trees and shrubs catered around your situation.

It is important when planting young trees/shrubs that the ground is suitable for the species in which you wish to plant. For example certain species of tree prefer/require a certain type of soil, which goes hand in hand mostly with the requirements of water availability.

The process of planting goes further than digging a hole and placing a tree into it – there are correct methods and techniques which will aid the plant in its younger years. We can advise you on what species of tree or shrub will work in your garden and in what area – it’s our passion!

It may be that you would like to install a hedge in your garden as an alternative to fencing. A hedge has many advantages such as its benefits for wildlife, attractive colours and variations, in addition to being a secure means to prevent access into your garden.

We can plant hedging stock to your requirements e.g. fast growing, evergreen, deciduous, and even thorny! We can suggest the best species to facilitate your needs.

How we can help

Our service includes:

  • Professional and expert advice
  • Use of correct planting procedures
  • Trees planted with supports
  • Careful planning and thought for each species selection
  • Full planting schemes
  • Hedge planting

We can also provide ongoing hedge trimming and maintenance services. Would you like help achieving your ideal garden? Get in touch today for a free quote for Leicester tree planting services.

new shoots on a tree

Hedge, Shrub and Tree Planting Leicester

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Hedge, shrub and tree planting May 12, 2015