So you’ve decided to employ a tree surgeon or gardener for works to your garden, or maybe you already have in mind the works you want carrying out. Below you will find out some tips that may make the works easier on your wallet (subject to contractor):

1) Keeping Wood-chippings

Providing there is access for the woodchipper to the area you would the like the woodchippings left, this method can substantially reduce the cost of works. Don’t forget to read our blog on the benefits of woodchippings! We have a woodchipper that can fit through most side access gates as well as through the house.

2) Keep Logs

Depending on the situation and the species of tree, it can be cheaper for you to allow the contractors to leave the wood on site. Extraction of timber can be quite time consuming and sometimes outweigh the cost of the firewood production for the contractor.

3) Clear the way

The position of just one shed can be the difference between a straight fell and the tree having to be rigged/sectionally dismantled – although not always cheaper there are occasions where a straight fell can be hundreds of pounds cheaper. Clearing the access of obstructions can save the contractors time when moving or extracting waste around said obstructions, hence saving time and money!

4) Fill out your own application for TPOs/Conservation area

Although we don’t charge for the application to the council for works where many other businesses do, with a little guidance from the council you can fill these out yourself. Under certain circumstances however it might be more beneficial to have a professional submit the application.

Find out more about how we can help with Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation here.

5) Replacing a tree may be cheaper in long run

I will be writing up a blog that weighs up the pros and cons of removing your tree and planting a new one. Do you have your tree reduced/pruned each year to keep it contained? It may work out cheaper to remove and re-plant with the same species or another species in the long run.

Most of the time, once a tree is in the cycle of frequent reductions (usually yearly), it’s mostly just the task of pruning off the sucker growth at the extremities of the crown. This growth will most ironically be the result of the prune. A young new tree will take several years to start really growing, and wouldn’t already be harshly pruned.
As mentioned above, these points will not necessarily always get you a reduction in cost but worth a suggestion to your tree surgeon!

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