Hedge Cutting

Why do we need hedges?Hedge habitat

Everyone at some point has had to make the decision between installing a hedge or a fence,unfortunately we’re seeing more and more people choosing fencing over the hedge. So why would WE favour a more natural boundary line? Every hedge around us will be housing birds or insects, it is an ideal home for them as it provides them wind resistance and moderated temperature. Our hedges can be home to Hedgehogs also, with declining numbers of Hedgehogs it would give them a home as well as the ability to travel from garden to garden.

What are my options?

Hedge cutting

Beech hedge trimming

The beauty of a natural hedge is the ability to choose what you want from your boundary line, do you require a height for privacy? or maybe density for a sound barrier? there’s also the options of trimming the hedges to the shape you desire.

Each requirement has a species of tree/shrub which lends itself perfectly to it, e.g.

  • Cherry Laurel is an evergreen (leaves remain all year round), this is great for privacy but at the same time grows relatively fast to get it to the height you want faster.
  • Conifer hedges provide a dense coverage of foliage fast and readily available at affordable prices.
  • Beech hedges provide a wonderful spectrum of colour throughout the different seasons, but also whilst deciduous their leaves tend to remain intact for long periods of time.

This is only a small list of different species, although the most common, there are hundreds if not thousands more species which may fit better in your garden.

Isn’t it expensive to maintain a hedge?

Although a hedge does require some form of maintenance from time to time, with some careful planning and the right advice a hedge can provide the perfect boundary line for hundreds of years. A well constructed fence may last 10 years at best with the added maintenance of treating and painting the wood, so with the benefit of hindsight it is already showing to be the most cost efficient barrier.

What to expect from a specialist?

Conifer hedge trimming

Perfect screening

A trained tree surgeon or arborist should be able to…

  • Initially identify the species of hedge (Required as species respond differently to cutting)
  • Insured to cover work and employees (Public liability, employers liabibilty)
  • Suggest the correct time of year and how frequently the hedge needs cutting
  • Carry out works to highest quality


Always check out testimonials, pictures and content before employing an arborist to deal with your hedge! If however you are within Leicestershire, we are your local hedge specialists….. Call us today on 0116 2600419 and we will gladly help!