Hedge Maintenance

Hedges are great for wildlife but also give us the benefit of privacy and can even act as a sound barrier.

There are many different species of shrubs and trees that can be formed as a hedge, with the choice of them being evergreen or deciduous trees.

What type of hedge should I go for?

Leylandii and various other conifer type species can be an excellent hedge. They are evergreen which means you can reap the benefits of privacy all year round.

This type of hedging species can grow very tall indeed but we can reduce the height of such hedging, creating a lower more manageable hedge for you.

As well as the common conifer species there are also many great alternatives for hedging stock:

  • Beech hedging provides dense foliage and beautiful autumn leaf colours;
  • Cherry Laurel hedging is evergreen and is relatively fast growing, this is a good species for getting a hedge to your desired height quickly.

We can also help you with planting trees and hedges – find out more about our tree planting services.

How we can help

Our services range from annual maintenance of your hedges to planting a new one. We offer a wide variety of options to achieve the hedge you’ve always wanted, including maintaining many clients’ hedges in and around Leicestershire. Our tree surgeons take pride in getting it perfect, which is why clients come back each time – we go that extra mile!

If it is an annual hedge maintenance program you would like, we provide attractive pricing as well as high quality finishes. If you would like a professional business to manage or create a hedge you can be proud of call us today or request a call back and quote ‘hedge pruning Leicester’!

  • We strive to maintain our reputation for the very highest quality hedge work;
  • If you would like advice on how to get the most from your hedge, we’re here to help;
  • A thorough cleanup everytime!;
  • Fast, efficient and caring professionals;
  • Providing free, no obligation quotations.
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Hedge Trimming Leicester

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Hedge cutting and maintenance April 20, 2015