We all love our outdoor spaces for different reasons – some use a garden as a place to relax and unwind whilst others use gardens to yield vegetables and fruits…whatever the reason for loving your garden, we could probably all agree that trees can compliment the garden perfectly and for many different reasons. Let’s delve into a few of these reasons…


Apple tree leicesterWhilst it is very easy to get your fruit from supermarkets/grocers isn’t it just as easy and a lot cheaper to grow your own?

As part of our healthy diets we need fruit and what better way to get our fruit than to grow it ourselves in our own green spaces! There are many benefits to growing your own fruit e.g. knowing what chemicals have been used, having the variety of your choice without paying for the privilege. Whilst we should maintain the trees for better yield it shouldn’t be a put off, it is relatively simple to prune a fruit tree and providing the tree isn’t too large it also shouldn’t take too long.

For more information on fruit tree pruning read our blog on Apple tree pruning

Colour and Depth

Tree surgeon leicesterHaving a beautiful garden doesn’t just mean you have filled all of the beds with showy flowers and scented plants, trees have their rightful place amongst these beautiful spaces! Trees come in many different colours much like flowers do and having that height that trees provide can give your garden depth and a feeling of maturity and interest. For example, Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ has a deep purple hue to it that can stand out amongst a sea of green. You could add a refreshing light shade of green from a Robinia Pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’, that subtle light foliage can give a lighter tone to an otherwise dark garden.

Privacy with screening

TrimmingThose of us who like to use our gardens as a place to relax and unwind often like it to feel private and not overlooked, adding trees to certain areas can achieve this level of privacy. Choosing the right species of tree for a specific area is very important if you want to achieved the best results without compromising space and sunlight to your garden. There may be a neighbouring window you’d like to screen or a busy road or train line you’d like to dampen the sound, finding the right trees or hedges can be the best way to do so aesthetically and practically. We often suggest an upright slim tree such as the Prunus ‘Amanagawa’ for the purpose of blocking view to windows without casting too much of a shade to the rest of the garden, these trees also blossom to add that beauty as well as serving a purpose.

Hedges are great for lessening the noise created by a busy road, there are many evergreen species that serves this purpose perfectly such as Leyland Cypress. Hedges don’t need to always be evergreen however for it to be efficient all year round, Fagus sylvatica (Beech) are deciduous trees and are often planted in such situations despite dropping their leaves in the autumn because they hold onto the leaves long into winter which become a beautiful golden/brown colour.


Tree pruningWe all enjoy seeing and inviting wildlife to our open spaces, it gives us that rural feel in a sometimes urban area. We install bird boxes to encourage nesting birds, bird tables for feeding them also. Having trees in our gardens also gives the birds a potential home to nest and a chance for us to witness a little bird fledging the nest, this also applies to hedges.

Planting trees that provide berries also invites birds to our gardens whilst giving us colour and texture, sorbus aucuparia (Rowan trees) can provide different colours of berries whilst not shading the flora beneath due to the dainty foliage allowing dappled light to come through.

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