What are the benefits of an Apple tree?

There are many reasons to grow Apple trees in our gardens, they provide a fantastic show of blossom in spring (Although short-lived), they are great for birds and insects but best of all they supply us with delicious fruit. Apple trees are also very versatile, they grow well in a variety of conditions and can be trained to form a shape you want.

When & why do they require pruning?

Fruit trees generally need regular pruning, especially with an Apple tree. Apple trees can be very fast growing and can with ease become too large for the area, this can cast shade on surrounding shrubs and trees. It is also important to annually prune Apple trees to achieve great fruit yields, ideally this should be undertaken in the trees dormancy months (November-March).

In addition to shaping and shortening branches, it is also important to prune dead/diseased limbs to prevent failure. Once confident all of the dead branches are gone, we can then start to thin out the canopy allowing younger inner framework branches to flower/fruit.


My tree is too large!

If your tree is too large and needs severely reducing in size it is important to employ a professional tree surgeon, as when cutting the tree back hard it is important that the position of the cuts are correctly placed and are undertaken at the right time of the year.

The process is called “regulatory pruning”, it allows us to reduce the trees size by a considerable amount, BUT it must be done in stages over several years. By pruning over several years it reduces the stress and sunburn on the tree, resulting in less chance of death of the tree.

Following severe pruning to an Apple, and many other deciduous trees, you are almost guaranteed to see “epicormic growth” or “Sucker growth”, this is a normal reaction from the tree as it tries to re-coup the crown it has lost. This growth can be fast growing and unsightly, however we can use some of these shoots as main stems in the future.

What can we do for you!

We can advise you or manage your fruit trees for you, to help achieve what you want from the tree. If you require a tree surgeon in Leicester or Leicestershire who you can trust give us a call on 0116 2600419 and we will be happy to help!

For a more in-depth guide visit the Royal Horticultural Society website, full of wonderful advise!