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Crown Pruning

Crown PruningAs professional arborists we provide a wide range of pruning services in Leicester and Leicestershire! A lot of science and skill goes into pruning a tree correctly, and it is very important to do it correctly. Poorly pruned trees can affect a tree in many ways which causes harm or defect, it sometimes allows fungi to enter the tree, as well as react with very vigorous growth.

Crown Reduction

Our pruning techniques can alter the tree in many ways; we can perform a crown reduction, in which we prune branches from the tips and within the crown. This procedure allows us to preserve a trees natural shape whilst making the overall size of the crown smaller.

We often come across “topped” trees carried out by unskilled workman – the regrowth responds rapidly resulting in a tree reaching its original size in a very short time. Our experienced tree surgeons will carry out a crown reduction using correct cuts in the correct places, which will allow the tree to remain the size we prune it to for longer.
A crown reduction should never exceed 30% of the crowns foliage (not height), exceeding these guidelines will not only ruin a trees structure but it will also result in an unattractive crown. For further information read our blog on Crown Reductions!

Crown Thin

A crown thin is an alternative which will allow more light penetration to the garden and to the inner crown of the tree. We offer this service for the benefit of the client and the tree – more airflow and light to the inner canopy reduces the sail whilst also reducing the weight on limbs within the crown.

A crown thin will not affect the size or the shape of the tree but it will result in a healthier/better formed tree.

Crown Lift

The operation of a crown lift can help the client and the tree in many ways. Often a tree can obstruct a view behind so by lifting the crown this opens up the view whilst keeping the overall form of the tree balanced. A crown lift can also help with reducing shading underneath the canopy, this is a good alternative to a crown reduction as it has less wounds to heal and the natural shape of the tree can remain.

It is also often required that adequate clearance above footpath and highways is achieved, council regulations stipulate a clearance of 2.5m above footpaths and 5.2m above highways.

How we can help

Our service includes:

  • All work carried out to precision to cater for future growth
  • Works carried out to a minimum of BS3998:2010
  • We suggest the best option for your tree with your interests also in mind
  • A cost effective and quality service guaranteed
  • TPO/Conservation advice
  • Fully insured

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